Equipped with common sense and wit, you’re kindly asked to fix everything in the room. That should be easy! Based on real-life events.

Made in 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2020

Jam entry: https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/trust-me-i-got-9


Adam Berlinger - programming

Michal Berlinger - programming

Václav Blín - art and animation

Lukáš Kunce - music and sounds

Making of:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(411 total ratings)
AuthorCircus Atos
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Dark Humor, ggj20, Global Game Jam, Isometric, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


Trust Me I Got This Windows.zip 33 MB
Trust Me I Got This Mac.zip 33 MB


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hahaha it's  so fun

Silly game. Easy to win. 10/10.

This was fun! Absolutely nothing went wrong the whole time :D I only wish it was a bit longer, it was funny and frustrating yet calming somehow.

I made a video on your game (10:58)


That was cute and hilarious! Did not have to understand a word to understand his frustration lmao


This game was super cute!!! I don't think we really fixed anything though!!!

super namluveno :D

very funny, loved 


Short, sweet, and mainly... silly. Would recommend :)

this was great, it made me laugh to myself!

hezky udelana hra, moc se mi libila :) super prace!

loved this

played this as part of a 3 random games, really enjoyed it

mr bean

That was funny


i love how i dont understand what hes saying but i can tell he is so pissed off lol anger is universal

Very creative


Great game, just wish it were longer!

same it was calming tbh


I don't get how to grab the tools from the top. Any help?


You don't need to grab them. As an example, zoom on the mirror. Hover the cursor on the wall, when it becomes a hand (with the index raised), click on the wall and the object that you need will get selected automatically  :)  

ow se termino? Es tan divertido, una pena que cortito

I loved this game, it had a nice charm, and even if I didn't understand it, I enjoyed the voice acting.


my dad whenever there's something to fix at home although he doesn't know the first thing about mantainance:


(1 edit) (+1)

That was fun! (Possibly even taken from real life? xD )
Edit: Just read it, it in fact from real life!  


I didn't really understand what he was saying but this game is kinda cute lol


haha I love that the game is in Czech 


i liked the voice acting even if i dont understand what theyre saying haha


Same here! It was really funny to hear the frustration in their voice.


this proves i should not be in charge of any maintenance


frustratingly fun


its givin Mr.Bean's vibe lol, love it

Yea, totally!

haha pretty fun!


I added the drill winecork screwdriver and tape to my "inventory" but I can't click on them afterward.


Don't click on the items in your inventory, just click on the spot you want to use them and they'll automatically go there. Don't give up, it's a fun game!


Nailed it :)

Well made and funny game. Took a while to get the drill going but got there in the end. :)

nice game but i cant hang the painting and mirror...

try ramming the drill a few times onto the spot

你是来搞笑的吧! (It means this's really fun! 😂😂😂

This was a neat little experience. While I do not speak your language, the vibes were clear. :3

True events indeed, afterall, drinking wine always helps ;)


Love the art style . Nice little point and click game, congratulation !

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