Equipped with common sense and wit, you’re kindly asked to fix everything in the room. That should be easy! Based on real-life events.

Made in 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2020

Jam entry: https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/trust-me-i-got-9


Adam Berlinger - programming

Michal Berlinger - programming

Václav Blín - art and animation

Lukáš Kunce - music and sounds

Making of:


Trust Me I Got This Windows.zip 33 MB
Trust Me I Got This Mac.zip 33 MB


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Very nice!
I enjoyed the speech, although I couldn't understand if it was an actual language or gibberish (it gave me balkan/slavic vibes)


It was a language, it's czech. And you guessed it right, it is slavic.

(for instance the wife at the end says "Hi honey, I'm home!"

Ah, I should have known!
Love the Czech Republic, been there a bunch of times, some of my favourite vacations!


one thing, why didnt the guy move the tv over after finding out the wire was too short? and drilling holes in the wall like that, wow smartness increased to 100

i... want... MORE of this game wonderful best funny game has ever seen this game have to be sent to some YouTubers promises they will laugh WOW this game best game ever seen on ICH.IO the game is soooooo cool they have to make more games like this you know like episodes oh keep it up man 

this is good, it gave me such a laugh. Wish it was longer but this is ok!


*Game ends*


I like that he *curses* when something goes wrong


Short but really funny. We enjoyed it very much.

That was a really fun short game! Great work!


Trust me, I'm an engineer

who are yall

What language is that?




I really enjoyed this!

"Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content."??


Ive been having the same problem with a bunch of games. not sure what it means


That basically means your browser doesn't have what it needs to play the game


Super cute and fun, loved how every bad solution has a silver lining. Thanks!

(1 edit) (+2)

Great little game! Really enjoyed playing it! :)


pffft speedran this in no time 

xDDDDDDDDDD The best handyman simulator

Deleted post

I wish I could enjoy the wine in the end! xD Cute game!


You're saying you didn't drink it first!??!?!


Am I the world's best handyman? Trust Me, I Got This! I'll prove all my handy skills as I repair T.V.'s, fix holes in walls and get drunk!

This is like the game we made during global game jam, but better executed. It fits the theme "repair" more too! And only in two days! Amazing job, just amazing.

Perfect! :D
I've just remembered the "golden Czech hende" scene from the movie Pupendo :)

Interesting! Counter-intuitive game


Charming lil story! The 📺 bit got me good lol! 

lmaaaao those repairs. nice quick game, what programming language this is? 

Cute little game. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing. :)


*end result*

Very entertaining, great job!


I hope there will be more of this.


This was an adorable little game and i very much enjoyed it. The art style is great too! Definitely worth the few minutes i got to play it. :)