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I didn't really understand what he was saying but this game is kinda cute lol

haha I love that the game is in Czech 


i liked the voice acting even if i dont understand what theyre saying haha


Same here! It was really funny to hear the frustration in their voice.

this proves i should not be in charge of any maintenance

frustratingly fun


its givin Mr.Bean's vibe lol, love it

haha pretty fun!

I added the drill winecork screwdriver and tape to my "inventory" but I can't click on them afterward.

Nailed it :)

Well made and funny game. Took a while to get the drill going but got there in the end. :)

nice game but i cant hang the painting and mirror...

try ramming the drill a few times onto the spot

你是来搞笑的吧! (It means this's really fun! 😂😂😂

This was a neat little experience. While I do not speak your language, the vibes were clear. :3

True events indeed, afterall, drinking wine always helps ;)


Love the art style . Nice little point and click game, congratulation !


This art style is so cool

"based on true events" What a truly wholesome game😭

This was a fantastic game! The super simplicity of it made it so much more and it was really fun to play! Loved the art style of it, good luck for future projects and keep up the great work

Aqui temos uma amostra das dificuldades que a  vida adulta pode nos trazer, mas deixemos isso de lado, e contemplemos a arte do armengue.

best game

Amazing, what's possible in 48h. Great art. Well done.

Super gameska :)



Delightful, short and sweet.

But "based on true events"?! Bruh 😭

Hey, Fun game, really one of the good ones. 


how my dad fixes the house

Thank you for this amazing game!
You can check my full game playthrough here:

Hehehehe. escape the room styled point-and-click parody


Excellent ! I thought I was hallucinting when I heard him talking in Czech at first lmfaooo, it made me feel nostalgic abt my country :')

lmao waht?


super hra, hodně pobavila :))))

cool game

simple and cute puzzle game, the  struggle is real lol


Lmao I couldn't understand what the guy was talking about but I don't need to understand what he's saying when I could hear the annoyance, frustration, and maybe a few curse words~! Lol, if this was really based on true life events I feel really sorry to the actual guy who went through this problem but if it didn't happen then we wouldn't have a gem of this game ahahah. Cute game with unorthodox puzzles and solutions, a great game to just unwide~!

ayy that's nice


Charming and short puzzle game

This is such an adorable game, I love it! I cannot understand any of the spoken words, but that just makes the game more fun in my opinion c:


neat lil game, visuals and art were great.

 i love it :)


so cute!! i love it

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